A wholefood supplement formulated by Dr Dennis Black, the Texas superfood is the product in contention here. The following review will help you to understand the reality of this product and cut out all the necessary hype.

This green drink supplement has been packed with a total of 55 ingredients which includes vegetables, fruits, grasses, algae and digestive enzymes. There are three types of superfood is found in this product, namely fruits, vegetables, grasses and algae which has been developed by Dr Dennis Black, a specialist dealing with natural medications. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, selects look at the Texas superfood review and see if it measures up to that statement.Image result for Texas superfood review

Superfoods and nutrition

The Texas superfood has over 180 grams of different ingredients, some of them incredibly healthy, but some come with a few significant concerns.

Firstly, with over 55 ingredients in this green drink, what is the portion of each nutrient that you are ingesting? The drink does not say anything about it. My apprehension is that over 90% of the nutrition comes from one nutrient and the rest 10% from all the others accumulated in the drink.

Many manufacturers will put small quantities of a single nutrient in their product do so that they can put it in the label.

The next concern that I have is that the label skips through the origin of each nutrient. So is the product made from the extracts of the Juice? Is it truly organic? Nobody knows!

My last concern is that whether this happens to be a powdered drink or simply a bottle that is filled with vegan capsules? The label indicates that this drink is a powder, but when you look at the bottom left-hand corner of the label, it mentions capsules. This is utterly confusing.

However, on a positive note, we have found that this product is free from any kind of excipients, fillers, animal products, dairy, gluten and GMOs.

Taste and value

The Texas superfood powder tastes surprisingly nice, even though it has extremely low sugar content.

The label suggests that you need to mix the drink with water, but if you are an amateur to the green drink phenomena, and you simply cannot tolerate the taste, you can mix this powder with any organic or hundred percent juice. If you want to do this right, simply use juice rather than water.

So, why organic? You have to remember the sugar content in this product and not let go of all the health benefits by making use of any Jews. You have to remember that this product, Texas superfood powder is tastier compared to any other green drink in the market.

In terms of proper value……

A single bottle of Texas superfood powder contains about 180 grams; according to the label each serving is about 1 teaspoon. Now, since we are educated, we can decipher that 1 teaspoon is about 5 g and since the label suggests 60 servings, it comes to a total of 180 grams.

However, hold it right there; if the total weight of product is about 180 g, and 1 teaspoon is about 5 g, then you get about 36 servings each.

It only gets more confusing now…… As the label suggests, by making use of one school which is about 2 tablespoons, which make it 10 g every serving, you can only get a grand total of 18 servings.

So, with a poor bottle cost of $ 79.95, it comes to about four dollars per serving. This pricing is outrageous, and you would be better off by using products such as athletic Greens or even green vibrance in place of this product.

It is not rocket science, and you can easily figure out that this product is more expensive than any other green drink powders that we have already reviewed, most of which deliver at least 3 to 4 times more nutrition every serving then this powder. The worst part is that you still do not know the amount of nutrient per ingredient which is packed in this bottle.

The good

  • There are over 55 ingredients that consist of fruits, grasses, algae, antioxidants, enzymes and vegetables.
  • The sugar content is less than 1 g.
  • We have an affinity for Texas.

The bad

  • There is absolutely no way of knowing how much nutrient you are ingesting.
  • There is nothing which indicates how the ingredients have been taken in…….. Juice extracts? Organic? Vegetable powder?
  • The label is extremely confusing.
  • When you think about gram serving cost, this is the most expensive powder that we have reviewed.
  • Sketchy return policy.

Other tidbits

Return policy: – The model satisfaction guarantee which allows you to return the item after trying it out for 30 days, and if you remain unsatisfied to return them to continue for getting a store credit may seem to be a bit sketchy.

If the product is unopened, then you can receive a full refund. So, remember that the only way for you to get your money back is to not make use of this product. So, does Texas superfood actually want you to keep this product is simply on the basis of the wonderful packaging without trying out the product? It makes no sense.


In this current era, taking care of your health while watching your wallet has become the norm. For Texas superfood, they would need to understand the finances of the customers and always delivered the true value to their customers. From our point of view, this product seems to be market-driven, under delivering on the green drink and being overpriced. Although this is a hot topic over the radio, this Texas superfood review should give you a hard look at this product.