Created by Drew Canole, the creator of the extremely popular website dedicated to health, FitLife.Tv the Organifi Green Juice is super foods based drink that makes use of 100% organic ingredients which is about 10 g every serving.

Even though the primary formula is created from super foods itself, which means that there are no artificial synthetic complements and nutritional values, it still happens to be a formula that has some of the most heavily ingredients that are unique.

Since you would come across the Organifi Green Juice reviews in the Internet, we hope to give you the true facts that help you determine if indeed this is the product for you to use.

Ingredients of Organifi Green Juice

So, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in the Organifi Green Juice.

  • Wheat grass juice powder and wheatgrass.
  • Horse radish tree also known as Moringa.
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Matcha green tea.
  • Coconut water.
  • Ashawagandha
  • Red beet.
  • Turmeric

All the above ingredients are truly organic. With each serving, you get an approximate amount of 9 to 10 g of super foods. This is a decent amount every serving as it only contains organic ingredients.Image result for Organifi Green Juice review

However, to be honest, this is not the most important Green Juice that we have encountered, and it is not the worst; it is somewhere in the median region.

So, what’s unique about Organifi Green Juice? Well, it makes use of the few ingredients that are not commonplace in any green drink, especially the Ashwagandha (a name which is tough to roll out from the tongue), Turmeric and Moringa.

The ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Moringa has been used in Ayurveda medication for quite a way, and they have a long history of benefits and due to the adaptive properties, they can possibly cure a lot more diseases in your body.

Organifi Green Juice also makes use of the very famous Matcha green tea, and although it happens to be the flavor of the month, it has also been known to be the latest supplement in Green juice. It also possesses a lot of health benefits, namely speeding up the metabolism, which makes it feel like you have taken a whole lot of coffee in one shot.

Then, there is the use of turmeric, which if you conduct a very quick Google search, by keying in the words “health benefits of turmeric”, you shall come across a whole list of it. It is perhaps the healthiest substance in this planet, and although it might feel a bit overstated, but it is expressively very good for you.

The value and taste of Organifi Green Juice

The Organifi Green Juice has a minty taste, which is particularly good, and it is homogeneous in nature. For those people that have struggled with the strong tastes of their Green drinks would want to give this product a try.

The total cost of the Organifi Green Juice is dependent upon your value of purchase. Purchasing one jar is around $ 58. Personally, I think it is a bit high when you consider that there are no probiotics or enzymes in every serving.

However, if you go for the three jars option, the price comes down to below $ 50, which should be the ideal pricing of this product in the first place.

The good

  • It contains hundred percent organic, certified products.
  • Contains Ashwagandha.
  • Contains turmeric and Moringa.
  • Has a better taste than most green drinks.

The bad

  • Purchasing a single jar can be a bit expensive.
  • Does not contain any kind of enzymes or probiotics.


Personally, I like the Organifi Green Juice although it happens to be a single track product which only contains super foods and leaves out the necessary digestive enzymes and probiotics. However, I can look past that simply because of the presence of Ayurveda herbs such as turmeric, moringa and Ashwagandha.

The taste of this product is pretty good, and that makes it go a long way in comparison to a lot of other powdered drinks. It happens to be a little overpriced, particularly if you purchase one jar, and it makes more sense to purchase multiple jars.

Hopefully, this review of Organifi Green Juice has been helpful.