In this age of junk food, fast food, as well as food that is extremely deficient in proteins and carbohydrates, people end up becoming obese pretty fast. It has also got to do a lot with the amount of stress and the binge eating that makes its way into the diet of a normal person. One of the most common questions that are faced by nutritionist across the world is how much should I weigh. Yes, the world is concerned about the excessive weight, but to be done mind what should be the ideal weight, there are a lot of other things to be considered.Belly, Body, Clothes, Diet, Female

Several factors that go into the concentration of proper weight are: –

  • Height
  • Age
  • Muscle to fat ratio
  • Bone density
  • Sex

There are various health professionals, who would suggest that you start by calculating your body mass index or BMI, which happens to be the best way to decide on whether to have the ideal body weight. There are others who would say that the BMI is inaccurate, as it does not account for the amount of muscle mass that is present in your body, and that the waist to the hip ratio happens to be the better method.

However, it is always worth remembering that the ideal body weight for one person may be different from the other, irrespective of whether they happen to be of the same sex, height, or even the same muscle to fat ratio. For some people, it may be looking at extremely low body weight, and for some, it might seem to be overweight even after going down in the weight ratio.Belly, Body, Calories, Diet, Exercise

Well, the level of obesity in various first world countries is a lot more than when you compare them to the third world countries. So, countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom as well as the Netherlands have a very high rate of obesity as compared to the countries in Africa.Scale, Diet, Fat, Health, Tape, Weight

How much should I weigh?

It is necessary for you to maintain the perspective that is important to understand the perfect body weight. Simply by making use of a calculator like BMI may be favored by a variety of health professionals, but individual scenarios may be different. It is worth noting that you need to remain in good health, and simply looking at your body weight is not going to tell you the fat and muscle percentage in your body. Therefore, you would not know the perfect body weight that you need to actually do in order to consider yourself healthy.

The body fat percentage happens to be a wonderful indicator so that people will be able to ideally track the excessive body weight and do something about it. Regular body fat percentages will need to be measured, and it can be done so easily with the help of experts in the fitness clubs or gyms that you visit. You have to remember that each and every individual is built differently. So, there is no use in trying to compare the body of a similar -looking person with yours and trying to achieve the same weight; it might not work for you.

Body mass index: –

Body mass index or BMI is a method used by various health professionals in order to determine your ideal body weight. Well, there are various calculators in many Internet websites as well that can give you an indication on whether you are obese, underweight, or happen to be of the perfect weight.

The person that has a BMI which is less than 18.5 is considered to be underweight. The people that have a BMI between 25 to 30 are noted as the people who are overweight. The people with a BMI of over 30 are known as obese. Only the people that have a BMI between 18.5 to 25 happen to be of the ideal body weight.

In various countries, there are health authorities that mention that if the BMI is below 20, then it is considered underweight. So, as we see, the BMI index is also something which varies from one country to the other.

Problems with BMI: –

Well, the primary problem with BMI is that it does not take into account the bone density. For the people suffering from severe osteoporosis, they might have a lower BMI, which suggest that they are healthy, but the people that simply have osteoporosis would find that they have more body fat. There is other health experts that criticize the use of BMI has not been the perfect method/yardstick in order to measure the perfect weight for an individual. Simply put, BMI can be a general guideline, but is not the perfect answer to the weight conundrum.

Conclusion: –

It is always advised for a person to check in with a dietitian’s last physician in order to know the perfect weight for that individual keeping all things in consideration.